A Stroll along Pontresina’s Via Maistra

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A few years ago I came up with the thought-provoking concept of a car-free promenade for my alpine hometown. As expected, the vast majority of reactions tended from general reluctance to concerns that a pedestrian zone might be bad for business. Despite such initial scepticism some local partners began to recognize the actual opportunities.

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The idea of a traffic-free vacation flair suddenly started to gain popularity. This year the local tourism board and the municipal authorities of Pontresina even decided to actually run a first test phase called «Viva la via». On Tuesday evenings, from summer to autumn, the heart of Pontresina transforms into a pop-up pedestrian area with a constraint-free ambience. A casual atmosphere that guarantees holiday feelings in a truly picturesque village.

And last but not least, every other Thursday the so-called Laret Market awaits visitors of the Engadine Valley in the very same streets. This popular fair is the perfect occasion for vibrant summer nights, to taste Swiss and international food or to enjoy good music. Traffic-free, of course.

Event Notes – Summer Season 2018
Viva la via (every Tuesday, till October 9th)
Laret Market (every second Thursday, till August 23rd)

Laret Market
Laret Markets are popular summer events (Photo Credit: Pontresina Tourism)

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